Stay On !

A thought came to me early this morning and my eyes whelmed with tears. I remembered what I read not long ago about how young people in the developed world, especially America seemed to have a high rate of suicide.
Am really sorry. We, here face harder times but taking our own lives is never an option for consideration. As the common saying here goes ' die die no dey for our book!'
We basically have it hard from day one and we seem to expect it all through life as a matter of course. For us it seems to be a way of life.
Again, religion seem to enable us to just keep going.
I encourage our fellow people in lands where living is relatively easy to learn to stay on. Reach inside and dig in. Determine that there is going to come a better day.
Hey, the God of creation sent you here for a purpose, a good purpose. Ask yourself, have you done your purpose yet?
We all who now live need you to hold your fort. Don't quit on us , please.


On the issue of the so-called nigerian ' wonder-banks

It is almost twenty-four months now since the Central Bank of Nigeria governor, the director of Securities and Exchange Commission in Nigeria and many riled chief-executives of banks ganged-up to brand the then fund managers 'wonder banks' in order to whip-up public sentiment to justify their personal vendetta against the under-dogs.

A case of calling a dog a bad name in order to hang it, the fund managers were likened to the historic Umana Umana savings and loans of the 1980's.

However, let us remember that none of these fund managers actually defaulted in paying the returns to their subscribers . Rather the agents of state ,the EFCC, the police and soldiers were systematically used to frustrate their operations by sending them to extort money from the fund managers, bullying and man-handling them atimes. These rascals , instead of committing their own money by subscribing, forced these firms to cut the agreed percentage return to their clients and remit the difference to them in settlement.
They told us that they were protecting the unwary Nigerians, but have they guarantteed the safety of the money of Nigerians in those truncated schemes ? Inspite of all the disruption to their business these firms kept on going until the hooligans in power commanded the arbitrary freezing of the accounts and closure of their offices. And till today the authorities have not spared any thought for the many poor people who were given hope by these firms ,who turned their stepence into money substantial enough to be used to initiate productive economic activity. When the houseboys and housegirls of the government broke- up these fund managers in the name of sanitizing the financial environment, they also broke the morale of the many hopeless and faceless Nigerians who boldly against common sense staked their widow's mite in the hope of taking that chance to make their life better. Now for almost two years this money has been held -up by the very machinery that is supposed to assist them . The people's money is not held-up because the companies failed to pay. Does the government want to usurp that money too?!The over-fed madam of the SEC, the over-read tyrant of the CBN, the petty and cowardly bosses of involved banks and the shamed EFCC boss should be brought to trial for this mis-use of power against striving Nigerians attempting to make the most of a bad situation.
So the self-righteous say that greedy people desire fantastic returns. And I say who does not? Don't all investors ? All the banks ? Difference is they all pocket their fantastic returns. But these little known fianancial emancipators share their earnings with their subscribers fair and square.The truth seem to be that the class of the wealthy in Nigeria fear that every little person would, in not too long, be able to afford their own way and have a life. They want to forever be tin-gods in this land of plenty and opportunity.


Funny How Time Changes things !!!

Funny how time changes Things. I was, just awhile ago, going through what is left of my long-kept copy of the Time magazine issue of April 7, 1980. On the Letters page, Sudhangshu B Karmakar in New York City wrote commenting on Mugabe's Victory :
"By leading his party to an honorable victory Robert Mugabe ( March 17 ) has liberated 7 million blacks of Zimbabwe Rhodesia from oppression. This liberation can be compared with the freeing of the Jews by Moses from the Pharaoh's power. The least the world can do is to honor him with a Nobel Prize".
Richard Lerner of Lexinton, Mass. also wrote on the same subject :
"In this harsh and oppressive world, the events in Zimbabwe Rhodesia have portrayed a small but tangible part of the phrase " And justice for all ".
So what went wrong in Zimbabwe to bring about what we are seeing today ? What has gone wrong with Mugabe or is it all propaganda ?
I say, though not judging the man, that mere men can never be a Messiah. Every man operates from a premise given. When it changes , the man changes. We are all men after all. We are not gods as written.
Let the man who loves himself and his world leave the stage when he has done his reasonable bit. For in staying on to play god , God often makes us saddly experience That He alone is God and the supreme architect of times.
Lets all weep for fallen Mugabe and his Zimbabwe. LETS NOT CALL FOR HIS HEAD AS I FEAR THE WORLD LEADERS ARE PLANNING TO!!!!


All the way from Kenya....

I got to work this morning feeling really out of it. My wife has been giving me her now common illogical and unpredictable attitude being a response to things which are only real in her head. And my system/internet service engineer who has bungled my connection for over a week nowstill maintains that the service provider is having some difficulty ! Whereas this evening, while doing my own trouble-shooting, I tracked the fault to him having checked ' Require secured password' under security options. For this I have been unable to use the internet for a week!
So, now see how differently I felt when I got to work and learnt that Barak Obama has indeed been elected the president of America. How sweet the notion, no, the reality of it. The rest of the day felt like christmas has come already. And you should know that I have seen so many christmas days that it has stopped being novel to me. Yet there was something fresh and special about the day. A feeling of new beginning, new hope. I hear Barak has african blood and jewish blood in him. No wonder. He is of God's race. His victory speech, which I believe was impromtu could in time to come rank as famous as Martin-Luther King jnr's I have a dream!
Well, to my african people who think that his policy on africa would be nothing but favourable, my opinion is that we would appear to have faired better under the white presidents of the past. Why? Because he would becareful not to give his oponents reason to accuse him of selling out or compromising america. So, africa should be contented in the knowledge that one of her sons is leading the unargueably number one nation of our time. Having said that, I believe america will know greater peace during Obama's tenure. The hitherto enemies of america will make peace with him on account of his minority status.
It is just as well that he appreciates the enormity of the task ahead of him. The financial crisis being dumped on his shoulders to carry to solution would appear unfair since he did not create it.
But he must succeed. We are all in it with him. We must help him do a good job of his service. Praying that the likes of those who killed Kennedy and Martin-luther King jnr etc would stay their hands this time and let God fulfil his mandate.
Finally, seeing how this man is heralded and accepted, I hope, and you people should drop your stones now; I hope that he is not the anti-christ that was foretold!


Throw Away Your Arms ( Robbers !)

Even in war times, when children or women, let alone pregnant women, fall casualty to bombardment it is usually received with sobriety and regret. Much more so in peace times.

Or, are we at war here in Nigeria? Have armed robbers declared war on 'punny' defenceless everyday people?

Armed robbers have never been known to kill bank staff during robberies. Rarely so. But, I do not lay claim to any existing statistics. Last week they started killing. Not accidentally, by stray bullet, but deliberately ! Killing a woman. A pregnant woman. And another one, a staff of the bank too.This is way overboard!

Our dear brothers and sisters who do these robberies you should give it up now. This your handshake with us has gone beyond our elbows. It is no longer fun as you thought it would be. Some readers would squirm that I called you 'brothers and sisters'. But you are. You have your relatives amongst us. We are all Nigerians. Bearing under this one and common burden called 'Project Nigeria'.

We are all under the same pressure. Why do you opt to kill your fellow man in order to dodge your own pressure. Stand up, face-up to your life like a man. Stop breaking innocent lives like frustrated babies seeking attention break breakables in the homes.

It is the worst kind of poverty and hopelessness when you believe you have to kill and mame and dispossess others before you can progress in life. And when you have bought that jeep, and built that house, and gotten that child-hood lover of yours how do you feel inside knowing how you obtained and attained your new status !?

And you the gang that killed these people they believed in you, they saw hope for you; but you had given up on yourselves. The pregnant woman hoped on her feminine immunity, that you would not dare harm her. She did not imargine that you would kill her, a woman; plus that she was pregnant. They both counted on your humanity. But you were so far gone, long gone !

As a memorial to these un-necessarily wasted Nigerian lives and a sign of penance, all the robbers in Nigeria should henceforth throw away their arms and be bold enough to tackle the challenges of living within the acceptable norms of civilized society. Their abominable action is sacrilegious enough to have the earth opening up and swallowing them all alive.

The way our life is , is a result of the choices we have made earlier on in life. One should be alive enough to dance to the music one has created for oneself. Everyone is bearing a cross whether you believe it or not. But we don't have to encroach on the next man's space. Everyone has his appointed time. Today for one , tomorrow for another. Brothers and sisters, grow up and go straight!


Can You See What Is Happening to Us ?

People are learning fast today how not to be themselves. Everything is rehearsed till it comes out as a fine-tuned package. I believe the word they used for it then is packaging. Today, it seems they call it branding.I had a taste of it in one of the radio interviews during my days as a musician. It was a recorded program and everything I had to say was edited out of context to make it politically correct. I had a glimpse into the unreal, character-less personality build-up that must have become rampant by today. I wanted out !

People rarely say the truth anymore today. Very few say what they mean to say. What a farse !

I'd been thinking on a matter for long now. It unsettles me when I am confronted with the image of it.

The tug-of-war between banks in Nigeria has become daunting, perplexing, taking away peace; especially to one who is in the profession. Everywhere you turn you see banks lined up on a street, most times next door to one another ; poaching and being poached from. When they come at you they assume you have never had a bank before. They want you to keep all your money with them for no reasonable fudiciary gain to you. Though there may be a better way to place your money for gain, they would not tell you if it is not in their interest ! They basically assume one does not have money sense.

Their proliferation and encroaching presence in every city and township is threatening and intimidating. One wonders if banking is all there is about our economy, because they have become too visible, overbearing and imposing nowadays !


There Is Room Enough for All ( in the World )

I saw something Tuesday, 9th September which really impressed me. I was at Atakobo at Ogbere junction - an outskirt location in Ogun state hosting the nearest quary companies to Lagos State of Nigeria.
I decided to have a look around the place called Ogbere. The place looked like a lost town. Set in the midst of the thick rain forest, the only feeder road is weathered and begging for repairs; just like all the inter-state and intra-state link roads I drove on getting there from Lagos. 'N E P A' men on a ladder reaching for their cables in the forest was the first sign I got of life existing in the place as I approached the location. You'd notice that am playing safe in not using town or village or hamlet in describing Ogbere because I did not know which it is.
After about five minutes cautiously approaching, I entered what looked like the center of the place. Scanty houses lined-up both roadsides. There is a small general hospital, a this and a that. And as I drove along I noticed I was obvious to the inhabitants of the place. I suddenly remembered the tales of the many armed robberies on the only bank in the place. So, my self-preservation instinct made me drive into the police station as I came to it. An officer met me on the grounds and I immediately introduced myself and my reason for being there. And that seemed real smart because he told me of a reported robbery at a nearby village to which his DPO and men had gone see.
There is only one bank there at Oghere. First Bank Nigeria Plc. The bank is usually found where many others would not go. It is clear that it is not out of business sense, but out of caring. None of the other banks currently competing with the bank for prominence are found in commercially unviable places. First Bank usually would have been there, sensitizing the people, creating the banking culture, building their businesses and their lives. Then, when the foundation has been laid, the others unashamedly, with funfare come in to cash-in on the labours of First Bank Nigeria plc. Suddenly, they would have a solution to the peoples' needs which they would bandy about that the bank does not have. And in the heat of the onslaught of their propaganda, the people would forget their first love. The bank which stood by them through rain and sun, the bank who placed them on the map!
This behaviour is un-african. Disloyalty, the forgetting of the good done us is a strange phenomenon in Africa. We used to always remember who our friends are. This un-african practice is even ruling the corporate landscape of Nigeria - the discrediting of pioneers and experience. It is like being unfaithful to the wife of one's youth. Such one will not prosper, the scriptures say. The philosophy now seems to be that the pioneers, the experienced, the old should pack-up and leave. This probably informs the un-ending attempts at branding and re-branding, trying to shake-off stereotyped images.
But you know, one is who one is. Anyone ashamed of his history is not fit to be. There is room enough for all in the world. The new should not run-aground the old because they are eager to make a good showing! I value my aged parents. I would not live to see them in a home for the old. It is not african. It is not human. We should remember that we are first and foremost human beings, not animals.


Dear Whitney, I Expect You To Come Back !

A few days ago I saw Madonna on television. She had turned fifty and she was on tour trying to break her own record. By the way, she still looks smashing at fifty, and natural too !
Madonna made me recall some web photos I saw of Whitney a few years back. It made me weep, Whitney's troubles I mean.
And I wondered what made the difference !? Aside from lifestyle and the ability to keep standing. Some cynics might add : one is white , the other is black; supposing that white people
know how to take care of themselves better than black. Could this be true ? Sadly, many black celebrities tend to end up that way. I concede, I may not have all the facts. However, away from generalizing, I feel Whitney was a kid who hit the good life and took charge prematurely. Bobby said it was his prerogative! He too was a kid ! You all know how they are today. The adults around them failed them. One needs to learn to rule money, or it will rule and ruin one. The kids got carried away, and the adults with them.
Dear Whitney, if you can find the cohesion to read this, I want you to know that I expect you to come back . The story must not end as it is now. Inside every person is the ability to survive if only they want to.You must want to survive. You are older and wiser now, you must come back. The world and I await your revival. And when you do, search me out, I want a seat front row to watch you glow again, glowing this time from inside out !!!


Yaro Starak, Thanks A Lot !

In my inaugural post headed 'intro' I spoke about the many solicitations for subscription to work-at-home businesses. They interested me greatly. But every time I tried to subscribe the merchants rejected my debit mastercard for inability to verify it due to my location. So, it seemed I was stuck, only able to read of all the opportunities on the web, but never to to take part in them. Until, Yaro Starak sent me his report ' The Blog profits Blueprint' with the training video- free. He did not even ask for money, in the first place. None of the other merchants agreed to let me use their product without payment since my location posed a challenge to my participation. Don't you all agree that Yaro Starak is a great guy? Thanks to him I am posting blogs on my own blogsite now. more of the web superstars should be like him, rather than offering money -back-guarantees that do not hold any water. Yaro Starak, thanks a lot ! May God bless you the more.

Money Has wings

I probably will not be speaking to the rich here, because you would not be rich if you did not know what I am about to say. Unless, of course, you got rich accidentally! In which case, you should be greatly worried for you would be living in a fool's paradise. I'll hazard a guess that most of us have painfully discovered that money has wings, in deed. You set your eyes on it for a minute, and the next, it flies away! Those who don't yet know this will find out soon enough. Soon enough! But, money stays if handled properly. Well, I feel, you need some place to accumulate your money into before appropriating it. I hesitate to use the word spend as it connotes basic consumption. Let me rather say, use! Using money, sending it on errands; making money work for you to bring in some more of its kind, is more like what I have in mind. Now, some people will never have anything to do with banks if they had their ways. And I ask, when you become rich, where are you going to keep all that money? Under your pillow? First step, go open an account with a bank. Then start dropping your coins into it, and watch it accumulate into tangible amount that you can use.



I have heard the term 'power poster'. You should not think I am one! Truth is, this is all new, but interesting. And I'll keep working at it. All over the net there is a barrage of proposals to make money. Making money is good. It means it is business. I want to be part of this, so help me all.Thanks.