We Want to Stay Loved

Not long ago the frenzy of end of year festivities was hot. Now a few weeks on we are soon to be caught up again in another bang of celebration. 14th of February. St. Valentine's day.
And I wish that all God's children, which we all are, would truly live in love with our neighbours the world over.
How good and pleasant it will be when we all dwell in unity. The good feelings that pervade the air during Val's day celeb should go on throughout life. Daily. Not the erotic feeling between man and woman only, but brotherly love. The like I figure existed between David and Jonathan. The world would be a place probably greater than the garden of Eden, if we do.
Remember I have been sharing my songs' lyrics with you, a serial for the Val's day. Well, here's one I feel suits my drift today. Hope you enjoy it.

'Wanna Stay Loved!

When there's no more thing to feel
When there's no more love for me
That's the time that I don't wanna see
That time is not for you, not for me :

got to be loved
those little things you do mean much to me
wanna stay loved
those meaningless words you say count too much
you may not know, but you make me so strong
I find my joy in hearing you just ramble on
and no matter what time says
what situation is
I'll be satisfied with you
always...........my love !

Sometime in life we've all had to cry
Sometime in life we've all needed change
Well, love is something I never understood,
How I could get hung on someone this way !

(Again I implore you to note that these are copyright-protected works. Should you desire to use any of them, be good and ask properly) Thanks.


Say This !

Well, here comes the day.

Congratulations America as Barak Obama leads you today.

Here's the next song counting down to Val's day :

Say This !

Lovers have said it all.

Through the years they have painted

Love in words.

And am feeling sort of small -

What can I really feign that's

Not been said !

But I have to

Say this to you

In my simple way .... My heart longs for you.

( I've just got to ) Say this to you

Please, be my friend .... My soul longs for you !

Lovers have lived in time,

Love I could never match - up

No, not I.

But, this way I feel is mine.

I won't claim I could stir - up

Your heart to mine !

(Well, that's it) See you on the next one.


My Child !

Dear Readers,
( am actually assuming that there are good people out there who care a hoot about this my pastime waste-of-time).
You say that that's hard on me!? Well, none of you has ever left a comment on the blogs to let me know you've been here!. So, am still wishing am not just thinking to myself all this while.
So Valentine's day is here again. The nightmare of loners. The joy of lovers. And the doom of many young people who just got it all wrong. For the period am going to be sharing excerpts from the lyrics of the songs I used my youthful blood to write. You see, I lived the days of my youth in songs. Songs which fate seem to have sworn never to let heard. I share portions of these lyrics with you my friends because you can't be that many yet as to point me out in the street and say
'there he is "booooooo!"
and because I myself was a hopeless romantic. Although when I married, it was not for love. I just had to move on. To keep going or else die on one spot.
These works are copyrighted, so if you dig some of them ask properly, please. That goes for the creative ones.
You see, I was so late on things that I wrote songs about future experiences, like this one for a child I had not yet had :

My Child ( written Tue 22/09/1992)

I've changed a lot.
I've changed a great deal, my child.
Oh that you you knew me when I was young.
When I was strong and new and care free.

Oh that God had given you to me ealier than now, my child.
Then together you and I
We would have played, and laughed and shouted aloud
In pure and simple joy.

But now, I've grown wise.
I've learnt to stand again when I fall.
I've learnt that life is both pain and joy.
I've learnt to restrain myself, and it has
Taken the fun out of living.
And I know that to you am boring.
So, I understand if you rebel at my back.
Only, do not over do it.
So that you won't sorrow much
When you too grow wise.
Yes, you too must grow wise
Someday, my child !


A Very Exciting Money Experience !

You know, I kind of stumbled on this blog thing looking to find my way trading forex. Whichever way I looked at it then always seemed more technical than I was prepared for.
This was so, until one day, I saw a curious advert on my e-mail. This is the site



You'd love it, I guarantee you. It's so much fun trading there and it's no less real than others. Finally, it's a forex trading platform that welcomes and allows everybody, whosoever, to have a go at it without feeling intimidated.
This new year, talking about money, you could try it. See for yourself.


What a world!

 am glad to see you too made it into this new stretch of time called 2009. May the new year bring us new hopes, happiness and peace of mind.
 But something I experienced driving back from work this evening really made me sad as a human being. It left me feeling empty inside.
At about 8.15pm I drove past a car which had its hazard lights on. From behind it looked to be moving slowly. But as I approached and over-took it, I saw a slim-built man pushing the car from the driver's side. Apparently trying to just keep moving, to get out of that lonely road. Full lights blazing, his engine had to be on or his battery would soon be gone.  
As I sped past I could see what seemed like a flat. I wanted to stop and offer my help. Perhaps he needed a jack or wheel-spanner, I thought. Whatever it was he was in, I just wanted to give a hand.
But it was dark and I feared for my own safety. What if the whole scene was a con, a ploy. Even if he was genuine, does it make sense exposing myself, as well as my car, to the same danger he was exposed to.
Then I thought, if it was me in his situation I'd be real; I'd want to be believed. But most likely, no one would take a chance on me too! What a world we now live in! It's no longer safe to be just plain human being to your fellow man without fear of being compromised. What a shame!
I just hoped he'd make it by himself. What a shame!! This- is this the world we now live in.