Funny How Time Changes things !!!

Funny how time changes Things. I was, just awhile ago, going through what is left of my long-kept copy of the Time magazine issue of April 7, 1980. On the Letters page, Sudhangshu B Karmakar in New York City wrote commenting on Mugabe's Victory :
"By leading his party to an honorable victory Robert Mugabe ( March 17 ) has liberated 7 million blacks of Zimbabwe Rhodesia from oppression. This liberation can be compared with the freeing of the Jews by Moses from the Pharaoh's power. The least the world can do is to honor him with a Nobel Prize".
Richard Lerner of Lexinton, Mass. also wrote on the same subject :
"In this harsh and oppressive world, the events in Zimbabwe Rhodesia have portrayed a small but tangible part of the phrase " And justice for all ".
So what went wrong in Zimbabwe to bring about what we are seeing today ? What has gone wrong with Mugabe or is it all propaganda ?
I say, though not judging the man, that mere men can never be a Messiah. Every man operates from a premise given. When it changes , the man changes. We are all men after all. We are not gods as written.
Let the man who loves himself and his world leave the stage when he has done his reasonable bit. For in staying on to play god , God often makes us saddly experience That He alone is God and the supreme architect of times.
Lets all weep for fallen Mugabe and his Zimbabwe. LETS NOT CALL FOR HIS HEAD AS I FEAR THE WORLD LEADERS ARE PLANNING TO!!!!

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