Money Has wings

I probably will not be speaking to the rich here, because you would not be rich if you did not know what I am about to say. Unless, of course, you got rich accidentally! In which case, you should be greatly worried for you would be living in a fool's paradise. I'll hazard a guess that most of us have painfully discovered that money has wings, in deed. You set your eyes on it for a minute, and the next, it flies away! Those who don't yet know this will find out soon enough. Soon enough! But, money stays if handled properly. Well, I feel, you need some place to accumulate your money into before appropriating it. I hesitate to use the word spend as it connotes basic consumption. Let me rather say, use! Using money, sending it on errands; making money work for you to bring in some more of its kind, is more like what I have in mind. Now, some people will never have anything to do with banks if they had their ways. And I ask, when you become rich, where are you going to keep all that money? Under your pillow? First step, go open an account with a bank. Then start dropping your coins into it, and watch it accumulate into tangible amount that you can use.

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