All the way from Kenya....

I got to work this morning feeling really out of it. My wife has been giving me her now common illogical and unpredictable attitude being a response to things which are only real in her head. And my system/internet service engineer who has bungled my connection for over a week nowstill maintains that the service provider is having some difficulty ! Whereas this evening, while doing my own trouble-shooting, I tracked the fault to him having checked ' Require secured password' under security options. For this I have been unable to use the internet for a week!
So, now see how differently I felt when I got to work and learnt that Barak Obama has indeed been elected the president of America. How sweet the notion, no, the reality of it. The rest of the day felt like christmas has come already. And you should know that I have seen so many christmas days that it has stopped being novel to me. Yet there was something fresh and special about the day. A feeling of new beginning, new hope. I hear Barak has african blood and jewish blood in him. No wonder. He is of God's race. His victory speech, which I believe was impromtu could in time to come rank as famous as Martin-Luther King jnr's I have a dream!
Well, to my african people who think that his policy on africa would be nothing but favourable, my opinion is that we would appear to have faired better under the white presidents of the past. Why? Because he would becareful not to give his oponents reason to accuse him of selling out or compromising america. So, africa should be contented in the knowledge that one of her sons is leading the unargueably number one nation of our time. Having said that, I believe america will know greater peace during Obama's tenure. The hitherto enemies of america will make peace with him on account of his minority status.
It is just as well that he appreciates the enormity of the task ahead of him. The financial crisis being dumped on his shoulders to carry to solution would appear unfair since he did not create it.
But he must succeed. We are all in it with him. We must help him do a good job of his service. Praying that the likes of those who killed Kennedy and Martin-luther King jnr etc would stay their hands this time and let God fulfil his mandate.
Finally, seeing how this man is heralded and accepted, I hope, and you people should drop your stones now; I hope that he is not the anti-christ that was foretold!

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