Stay On !

A thought came to me early this morning and my eyes whelmed with tears. I remembered what I read not long ago about how young people in the developed world, especially America seemed to have a high rate of suicide.
Am really sorry. We, here face harder times but taking our own lives is never an option for consideration. As the common saying here goes ' die die no dey for our book!'
We basically have it hard from day one and we seem to expect it all through life as a matter of course. For us it seems to be a way of life.
Again, religion seem to enable us to just keep going.
I encourage our fellow people in lands where living is relatively easy to learn to stay on. Reach inside and dig in. Determine that there is going to come a better day.
Hey, the God of creation sent you here for a purpose, a good purpose. Ask yourself, have you done your purpose yet?
We all who now live need you to hold your fort. Don't quit on us , please.

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