Can You See What Is Happening to Us ?

People are learning fast today how not to be themselves. Everything is rehearsed till it comes out as a fine-tuned package. I believe the word they used for it then is packaging. Today, it seems they call it branding.I had a taste of it in one of the radio interviews during my days as a musician. It was a recorded program and everything I had to say was edited out of context to make it politically correct. I had a glimpse into the unreal, character-less personality build-up that must have become rampant by today. I wanted out !

People rarely say the truth anymore today. Very few say what they mean to say. What a farse !

I'd been thinking on a matter for long now. It unsettles me when I am confronted with the image of it.

The tug-of-war between banks in Nigeria has become daunting, perplexing, taking away peace; especially to one who is in the profession. Everywhere you turn you see banks lined up on a street, most times next door to one another ; poaching and being poached from. When they come at you they assume you have never had a bank before. They want you to keep all your money with them for no reasonable fudiciary gain to you. Though there may be a better way to place your money for gain, they would not tell you if it is not in their interest ! They basically assume one does not have money sense.

Their proliferation and encroaching presence in every city and township is threatening and intimidating. One wonders if banking is all there is about our economy, because they have become too visible, overbearing and imposing nowadays !

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