Dear Whitney, I Expect You To Come Back !

A few days ago I saw Madonna on television. She had turned fifty and she was on tour trying to break her own record. By the way, she still looks smashing at fifty, and natural too !
Madonna made me recall some web photos I saw of Whitney a few years back. It made me weep, Whitney's troubles I mean.
And I wondered what made the difference !? Aside from lifestyle and the ability to keep standing. Some cynics might add : one is white , the other is black; supposing that white people
know how to take care of themselves better than black. Could this be true ? Sadly, many black celebrities tend to end up that way. I concede, I may not have all the facts. However, away from generalizing, I feel Whitney was a kid who hit the good life and took charge prematurely. Bobby said it was his prerogative! He too was a kid ! You all know how they are today. The adults around them failed them. One needs to learn to rule money, or it will rule and ruin one. The kids got carried away, and the adults with them.
Dear Whitney, if you can find the cohesion to read this, I want you to know that I expect you to come back . The story must not end as it is now. Inside every person is the ability to survive if only they want to.You must want to survive. You are older and wiser now, you must come back. The world and I await your revival. And when you do, search me out, I want a seat front row to watch you glow again, glowing this time from inside out !!!

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