What a world!

 am glad to see you too made it into this new stretch of time called 2009. May the new year bring us new hopes, happiness and peace of mind.
 But something I experienced driving back from work this evening really made me sad as a human being. It left me feeling empty inside.
At about 8.15pm I drove past a car which had its hazard lights on. From behind it looked to be moving slowly. But as I approached and over-took it, I saw a slim-built man pushing the car from the driver's side. Apparently trying to just keep moving, to get out of that lonely road. Full lights blazing, his engine had to be on or his battery would soon be gone.  
As I sped past I could see what seemed like a flat. I wanted to stop and offer my help. Perhaps he needed a jack or wheel-spanner, I thought. Whatever it was he was in, I just wanted to give a hand.
But it was dark and I feared for my own safety. What if the whole scene was a con, a ploy. Even if he was genuine, does it make sense exposing myself, as well as my car, to the same danger he was exposed to.
Then I thought, if it was me in his situation I'd be real; I'd want to be believed. But most likely, no one would take a chance on me too! What a world we now live in! It's no longer safe to be just plain human being to your fellow man without fear of being compromised. What a shame!
I just hoped he'd make it by himself. What a shame!! This- is this the world we now live in.

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