Say This !

Well, here comes the day.

Congratulations America as Barak Obama leads you today.

Here's the next song counting down to Val's day :

Say This !

Lovers have said it all.

Through the years they have painted

Love in words.

And am feeling sort of small -

What can I really feign that's

Not been said !

But I have to

Say this to you

In my simple way .... My heart longs for you.

( I've just got to ) Say this to you

Please, be my friend .... My soul longs for you !

Lovers have lived in time,

Love I could never match - up

No, not I.

But, this way I feel is mine.

I won't claim I could stir - up

Your heart to mine !

(Well, that's it) See you on the next one.

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