We Want to Stay Loved

Not long ago the frenzy of end of year festivities was hot. Now a few weeks on we are soon to be caught up again in another bang of celebration. 14th of February. St. Valentine's day.
And I wish that all God's children, which we all are, would truly live in love with our neighbours the world over.
How good and pleasant it will be when we all dwell in unity. The good feelings that pervade the air during Val's day celeb should go on throughout life. Daily. Not the erotic feeling between man and woman only, but brotherly love. The like I figure existed between David and Jonathan. The world would be a place probably greater than the garden of Eden, if we do.
Remember I have been sharing my songs' lyrics with you, a serial for the Val's day. Well, here's one I feel suits my drift today. Hope you enjoy it.

'Wanna Stay Loved!

When there's no more thing to feel
When there's no more love for me
That's the time that I don't wanna see
That time is not for you, not for me :

got to be loved
those little things you do mean much to me
wanna stay loved
those meaningless words you say count too much
you may not know, but you make me so strong
I find my joy in hearing you just ramble on
and no matter what time says
what situation is
I'll be satisfied with you
always...........my love !

Sometime in life we've all had to cry
Sometime in life we've all needed change
Well, love is something I never understood,
How I could get hung on someone this way !

(Again I implore you to note that these are copyright-protected works. Should you desire to use any of them, be good and ask properly) Thanks.

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