A Demand On Jonathan to Sprint against Time!

Everybody is asking Jonathan to do a miracle in less than 12 months. Why? Why was such demand not made on previous  presidents, like Chief Obasanjo. Not that there is something wrong in expecting someone to deliver good. But for heaven's sake most of the previous 13 heads of state and presidents were watched squandering our days and resources, yet nobody dared voice up!
Maybe it's something about Jonathan. Physically and by disposition, he does not seem to me to have that carriage of a president. And the man seems to have a very deep set attitude of 'yes sir-ism' about him. So they now see an errand boy president to push around. Not that our president is not our servant, no, but not in the sense they are carrying on about it. In fact, I see a lot of public people being reprimanded for over-stepping their bounds with regards to how they relate to the president in the coming months. So, you wise ass politicians, appointees and activists don't forget your place just because Jonathan is a simple man. He is the President, and the President of the land is to be honoured whether you like it or not.
Now back to the tall expectations of all the toms, dicks and harries so far expressed. Do not, just because you woke up yesterday to a faint awareness of what duty you think the leadership owes you, begin to ask for Rome to be built for you in a day! Nigeria is not coming to an end with this government. Lets just hope that your passion for asking, demanding, commenting, setting target for your leaders so fired up since the incapacitation of late Musa Y'ardua will not end when the general election comes and another set of stooges are imposed on us country-wide and you go docile and fall into slumber yet again, until maybe by next blue moon when another president you can treat anyhow and talk anyhow to comes along!
But you know how often it's been told you not to wait for the government to determine your economic fortune; now here's your chance to put all that into working. Tell me what you think about it. 

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