It All Begins With Fashion Styles: A Corrupt World Debating God's Standards

The world may have changed since the sixties but standards and values for sensible living need not necessarily change. A lot of people, young and old, are approaching life in a self-destructive way.

People should learn to naturally adopt a way of life that adds the best value to them. What am going to be proposing here might seem to most people prude, but I think that living a life in purity, health and peace of mind is not negotiable. If God be God; and everyone of us in our own way recognize that He is, and then we can not shy away from His recommended standards.

I went to a used-car sales outlet recently intending to have them take my Honda Accord saloon (1992) for sale. A girl, maybe eighteen, nineteen, twenty years tops; dressed as if for the slaughter trotted towards me. She was selling some brand of glucose packaged in cookie-size bits. She was definitely inappropriately dressed; although that is what today’s teens are known for. She wanted me to buy and I gave her no attention. But on a second thought, I decided to drill her.
Esther had trekked close to seven kilometers, stopping at all sorts of places like mechanic workshops, garages, construction sites etc till she got to this used car sales place. This she did in the terrible heat of the mid-day sun, thanks to global warming! Yet Esther had not figured out that the whole lot of what she was peddling was just worth about USD10. Therefore, it could be that she was selling something else on the side, dressed the way she was.
 I told her she ran the risk of being abused or raped because the people amongst whom she presented herself were generally uncouth. They may even just induce her; and being so seemingly in need of money, she might yield. Then she ends up getting STD or pregnant; but she would definitely have a fouled-up self esteem thereon. I told her whoever put her up to that task was merely using her and that there was not likely anything of real value in it for her. She took off.
Not long after Esther, another girl came; again peddling something, asking me to buy. Mary, what are you selling? The really good looking girl who carried about ten rolls of a locally made aloe vera based medicated toilet soap in an arm basket also said she’s been  attending one of our nation’s well known churches since three years. She too was young, but older than Esther. Maybe twenty to twenty three years. Though she dressed in girls clothing – a blouse and a lingerie skirt; everything she had on were skimpy and her chest was bare, to say the least. And she was out to sell soap worth, again very trivial. When I told her that I could not dare look below her face she didn’t get it. She too was being used to sell what is not that valuable, cheapening herself by what she was putting on. I was compelled to spell it out to her that her chest was naked! Instead of seeing the point, she maintained that she needed to make money and that I was rather discouraging her! And I ask, for how much was she risking compromising her young life full of beautiful possibilities yet?
A corrupt world debates the standards of God. Some relate with God with a shopping-basket-like attitude, they rationalize His prescription for life, taking what suits them and discarding those they find uncomfortable. Unfortunately, these rationalists are even turning from God altogether, turning to witchcraft and the occult as is happening in Germany right now! 
Where are we headed in the world today with the crass promiscuity being hawked everywhere one turns. Over here one cannot but notice that scarcely very few women actually now look good in regular women's dresses. Thanks to western culture. Orange sellers, bread sellers, whatever they are selling, wherever you turn every girl, every woman seem to just want to let you know they have bodies you can look at! And it's such a struggle staying in control. The world is not safe any more, not for those who want to remain pristine. 
The American people are most guilty in corrupting the world in this way, although a non-American city was once reputed to be the sin capital of the world. This is not an anti-American talk. In fact, we are all equally responsible for our choices in life. Today, the cinema has become a strong way to project a people’s way of life. And, if we take this so, nearly every film from the Americans builds free and unaccountable sex into it. And all the world is following suit. Violence and devaluing of human life too! Those who are committedly producing and marketing this poisonous trend to the world; liberals, I expect they’d say they are, could be intending to demystify sex and death.
Though, instead of demystifying sex and death, they have lost control; and the gullible ones in life don’t know where to draw the line. And take it from me, there are lots of people in the world who don’t use their minds – they live only by moves and waves of fads without giving thought to how it affects their lives. So,
·        Beautiful and would-have-been earth-shaking destinies are ruined right from the cradle as a result of free and uncensored sex or thoughtless and uncontrolled violent act that results in the maiming or death of fellow human beings.
·        Under-aged pregnancies, pregnancies out of wedlock, adultery, fornication, separation, estrangement and divorce are evils that corrupt the beautiful scents of would have-been-pure lives today.
·        The problem of broken marriages and homes has spread all over the world from this psyche of loose sex and violence. People enter into marriage and put it away as fast as they change their clothes; even some clothes, like mine, stay with their owners longer than some marriages last.
·        Children are brought into the world unto their fathers and mothers. This reassuring primordial provision for life is often denied most children resulting in waywardness and wrong choices as they grow up.  
·        What is the rational behind allowing pornographic websites to be on the net? They are cancerous, lazy, demeaning, an affront on our humanity as a whole. I know we may not be able to ban Satan from existing, but we don’t have to rent our property to him to live next door to us. Even to the so termed adults, this poison should be kept out of easy reach. I am often spammed by porno sites and I hate to imagine what it does to the psyche of the uncontaminated. The devils that run these sites are raping humanity and they should be stopped.
However, if the world keeps tolerating and celebrating what such elite men's club like 'Playboy' are doing, I suppose who am I to be talking?!

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Philip said...

Its so unfortunate to see what the world is turning into, so many wrong things has been licenced to be right. The most unfortunate thing is that most of those girls you came across were not born in decent time, so they dont know the value of decency. They feel every other girl is doing it and so, they dont want to be seen as unsocial. But its so worrisome and may God help us.