Is Michael really Dead?

How can it be? Has Michael been that sick? But he recently went about planning a show in the UK for 13th July. Isn't that queer? Most people would avoid fixing a show on the 13th, but not Michael. I read that a certain doctor resigned from his practice to give Michael full time care eleven days to 25th June. Michael was really ill then. It could not have just started. The ailment. Had he known he was going to die? If Michael was so sick, how did he imagine he could do the planned show? Typically Michael, was he hoping to die on stage, like Jimi or Elvis. Or has it happened exactly the way he wanted it to? To sell out tickets for a 'good-bye' show with the whole world expectant and focusing attention on him, and then 'poof' he goes and dies.
It's like a tale told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, signifying nothing... as Shakespeare would say. Suddenly, Michael is gone and it's as if he never was. Matter-of-factly, I would say Michael stopped living when his music stopped occupying centre spot in the industry. And I think that happened a long while ago!
Well, Michael, angel, do rest in peace. Oh, may it please God to welcome you home.

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