About Obama Being ' Whitish ' !

Hi, sorry I did not realize my last blog post could be objectionable to some people.
That goes to confirm that everybody won't necessarily see things the way we see them.
Really I was expressing the impression I got from my location, which I concede is rather limited in view of the fact that my source was mainly CNN footage.
I have a friend, my country man, there in the U S A who has told me that Mr Obama actually has been doing the rounds to everywhere. Meaning he has been going to all communities. This is very good to know and I am deeply sorry for any bad feeling he has had as a result of my writing.

However, even such misguided writings as my post have their use too. My Bro is not supposed to sit relaxed in the notion that things are going on well. Things have to go exceptionally well for bro Obama. From how I see America now Obama has to deliver to the level that he'd be toasted at the end of it all. He cannot afford to be one of the guys. Obama has to be the guy!

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