With Rulers This Greedy,Nigeria Doesn't Have to Have Enemies!

What can one say? Another year has rolled by for Nigeria and the pastors and priests of all religious sects in Nigeria are still praying God to touch the hearts of rulers of Nigeria.
If the known men and women of God would but speak with one voice against the lies and deception and corruption and the greed seen in this day's politicians, they would at least become uncomfortable.
How can we live in an age when we have such men of God as Adeboye, Olukoya, Kumuyi etc and this gross mis-rule is going on?
Bakare is a lone voice. Oyedepo is more engaged in building an empire that one wonders if he wouldn't be praying that Jesus shouldn't come again. Young Okotie wanted to wield a sword like Peter did for Christ, and it's looking like he got himself wounded!
Hark! Can't they learn of Desmond Tutu!
Instead, Adeboye is telling us to pay taxes that he knows is being embezzled. I suppose he is mimicking Jesus who said to give Ceasar what was his. Valiant Akunyili has been turned to 'chukwumerije'. She should have just retired and gone back to her profession. I suppose her daughter bringing home an American man is a big deal! That points to where their hearts ly.
The church is serving her members the opium of escapism by telling them that no matter how bad the rulers get, their situation would not be adversely affected. And so they console themselves, sleeping in the light, while the nation lies in darkness. 
How without brains these rulers are! The Niger Delta agitation has been silenced yet again, for now, until the next generation of teenagers grow up and begin to ask for their rights! Will nothing good ever happen here?
They make believe they are being diplomats, optimists or nationals, but all they are doing is avoiding telling the truth and taking the needed steps to correcting wrongs. Priests and politicians have all turned liars. They don't want to rock the boat, yet the boat is not getting anywhere!

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