Central Bank of Nigeria, Give Us Our Money Back.

Since Mid-2007 the Central Bank of Nigeria together with the Securities and Exchange Commission ganged-up to forcibly close down a number of Fund Managing firms they had personal vendetta against. Appeal after appeal followed but the Government agencies always bullied and beat down the under-dog firms.
This July makes it exactly two years since the Central Bank Confiscated the investors' monies with these 'renegade' branded firms. However, no attempt has been made by the apex financial institution in Nigeria to return the money to the owners to this day. Sources even have it that the top officials of the Central Bank of Nigeria and the Securities and Exchange Commission have greedily converted these 'un-tagged' monies to their personal use.
How so like them!! Who would be the wiser? Officials daily steal government monies allocated for projects, and no one asks questions here. Who then would ask them about our monies, seeing they have already branded the Fund managers as ' wonder-banks'. Even the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission is dead. Or was it ever really alive?!
But as God lives, those monies will be a curse unto them and all their own to a thousand generation unless they pay the monies back to every subscriber of the fund managing firms.

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