Stealing is not right!

How long has it been? Wow!! Never thought I could stay away this long. You see, my employers had this funny idea that they wanted to assign me a higher responsibility job. Now they got me coming home late and all tired- out like I could barely watch the evening news before I crash!

Situation like this is why I want to be financially free. Which is how come I ran into


of Lisa Fitzgerald, and


of Brock Felt.

These sites promised to refund my money if their program was not okay by me. Well they took my money alright and sold me nothing. Worse still, they have refused to refund my money. Fitzgerald $94.89, and Felt $197.

Somebody should have these crooks arrested for crying out loud! Stealing is not right no matter by whatever shade it comes.
I am still a man. A black one, an african. I am a Nigerian. Yes! I am a NIGERIAN. I am a christian. I follow Christ. I am a person. Am a man who'd rather starve than loose my integrity. And you see, there is good and bad everywhere, afterall.

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